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  • The Potential of Technology to Catalyze Progress Technology has the potential to catalyze progress in many areas, including economic growth, social development, and environmental sustainability. However, the full potential of technology can only be realized if it is used in a responsible and inclusive way. The 2023 Technology and Innovation […]

  • The way we market to consumers is changing rapidly. The rise of digital technologies, the growing importance of data, and the increasing fragmentation of audiences are all driving this change. In this report, we take a look at the latest trends in marketing and how they are transforming the way […]

  • The Most Important Technology Trends for Companies in 2023 The technology landscape is constantly evolving, and businesses need to be aware of the latest trends in order to stay ahead of the competition. Here are some of the most important technology trends for companies in 2023: Generative AI: Generative AI is […]

  • Navigating AI: A Guide to Responsible AI Adoption Artificial intelligence (AI) is a rapidly evolving technology with the potential to transform many aspects of our lives. However, the use of AI also raises a number of ethical and governance challenges. This guide provides practical guidance on how organizations can adopt […]

  • FMCG Monitor Q2 2023: Vietnam’s FMCG Market Faces Challenges The Vietnam FMCG Monitor Q2 2023 report shows that the country’s FMCG market is facing challenges, despite a slight improvement in the economy. The economy is showing signs of improvement, but consumers remain cautious and financially stressed. The GDP growth in […]

  • FMCG Monitor Q1 2023: Tet Shopping Boosts FMCG Growth in Vietnam Vietnam’s consumer market experienced a significant boost in value during Q1 2023, driven by a surge in festive shopping and preparation for Tet 2023, the biggest holiday of the year. Key findings: FMCG value uplift seen in both urban […]

  • The Upskilling Imperative The rise of artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming the world of work. AI-powered automation is already automating tasks in many industries, and this trend is only going to accelerate in the years to come. As a result, many workers will need to upskill or reskill in order […]

  • The Connected Consumer Q1 2023 Report The Connected Consumer Q1 2023 report, Vietnam’s leading digital landscape report, was recently released by Decision Lab and the Mobile Marketing Association Vietnam (MMA). The study focuses on consumers’ online habits, such as their use of social media, entertainment (music, movies, and videos), and […]

  • Kantar Worldpanel Vietnam Releases 2023 Brand Footprint Report, Revealing Top FMCG Brands in Vietnam Kantar Worldpanel Vietnam has released its highly anticipated Brand Footprint 2023 report, which reveals the rankings of Vietnam’s most chosen FMCG (Fast-Moving Consumer Goods) brands. The report, which is part of Kantar’s 11th edition of the […]

  • Kantar Worldpanel Brand Footprint 2023: The Path to Success in the Global FMCG Market The Kantar Worldpanel Brand Footprint 2023 report is a comprehensive analysis of the most chosen FMCG brands in the world. The report provides insights into the factors driving brand success, as well as the latest trends […]

  • Brand Footprint Asia 2023: The Path to Success in the APAC Region The Brand Footprint Asia 2023 report is a comprehensive analysis of the most chosen FMCG brands in the 11 markets of the APAC region. The report provides insights into the factors driving brand success in the region, as […]

  • Vietnam’s economy is facing challenges, and consumers are tightening their belts. This is reflected in the F&B sector, which is not a top priority for many people right now. However, there are still opportunities for restaurants and cafes to attract customers. Here are a few ideas: Target high-income consumers and […]

  • Decision Lab surveyed over 1,000 adults in Vietnam in April to learn about their current financial priorities, choices, motivations, and expectations for their financial future. Here are some of the key findings: Saving for unexpected hardship and protecting their families from emergencies are the top financial priorities for half of […]