2023 Deloitte – The Upskilling Imperative – Building a future-ready workforce for the AI age

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The Upskilling Imperative

The rise of artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming the world of work. AI-powered automation is already automating tasks in many industries, and this trend is only going to accelerate in the years to come. As a result, many workers will need to upskill or reskill in order to stay relevant in the workforce.

Building a Future-Ready Workforce

Deloitte’s 2023 Upskilling Imperative report provides insights into the skills that workers will need in the AI age. The report finds that workers will need to develop skills in areas such as data analysis, machine learning, and cloud computing. They will also need to be able to think critically and creatively, and to work collaboratively.

The Upskilling Challenge

Upskilling and reskilling workers is a major challenge for businesses and governments. It is estimated that the global economy will need to upskill or reskill 1.7 billion workers by 2030. This is a massive undertaking, and it will require a concerted effort from all stakeholders.

The Way Forward

The Upskilling Imperative report recommends a number of steps that businesses and governments can take to upskill and reskill workers. These steps include:

  • Investing in training and development programs
  • Creating apprenticeships and internships
  • Making upskilling and reskilling opportunities more accessible
  • Changing the way we work to make it more flexible and adaptable


The rise of AI is a major challenge for the workforce, but it is also an opportunity. By upskilling and reskilling workers, businesses and governments can create a future-ready workforce that is prepared to thrive in the AI age.

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