KANTAR Brand Footprint 2021

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Out now! Brand Footprint 2021: the most chosen global FMCG brands revealed

Our new Brand Footprint publication unveiling the global ranking of the world’s most chosen FMCG brands is now available to read!

In this year’s edition, we see that two markets accounted for 55% of the Top 50 brand growth to cement their position as the essential places to win for global brand success. We also saw more of these brands grew than ever before.

The penetration gains made by the most successful global brands in 2020 was the largest seen since we started Brand Footprint in 2013, unlikely to be seen ever again.

Based on billions of real shopping decisions across 23,500 brands in 54 markets – representing 73% of the global population and 89% of gross domestic product (GDP), this is your essential guide to brand growth.

The Brand Footprint interactive publication including:

  • How brands grew in 2020
  • The Top 50 ranking of the Most Chosen Global Brands
  • Which global brands gained the most penetration
  • A deep-dive and interview with the fastest growing brand in 2020
  • The Top 20 Most Chosen Brands Online
  • The Top 20 Most Chosen Out-Of-Home Brands

Also available:

  • Microsite with our interactive data tool for exploring local, regional and sector rankings
  • Webinar session in which our expert goes through the main findings
  • Purchasable Online and Out-of-Home local market FMCG brand rankings

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