Customer Experience in APAC: Trend Report


Exclusive insights provided by a research group of APAC CX professionals

Customer experience in Asia Pacific (APAC)

The impact of the global coronavirus pandemic has had far reaching consequences for brand loyalty and has placed customer retention on the line for businesses all over the world.

The crisis has brought the importance of providing experiences that are relevant and meaningful for customers, no matter the circumstance, into sharp focus.

In addition to this, customers in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region have seen significant technological progression over the last few years and this growth is set to continue. Research analyzing network data from over 200 territories found that internet users in APAC grew by 10 per cent which was ahead of the global average.

This advancement in technology access is exposing individuals to new capabilities and broader avenues to voice their opinions.

This report examines how customer experience practitioners within APAC are responding to the evolving environment their brands exist in. The exclusive insights provided by a research group of APAC CX professionals will map out key localized
customer engagement trends and pain points.

CX innovators in the region will also give insight on how they are removing areas of friction in the buying journey and delighting customers. These include the likes of Citibank Singapore, Dialog Axiata and Goodrich Global.

Use the findings of this report to benchmark your company’s progress and prioritize your plans for the next 12 months accordingly.

Download the report to access:

  • Data revealing key localized customer engagement trends and pain points in the Asia-Pacific region
  • Customer behavior trends observed by APAC CX professionals
  • How Covid-19 is shaping customer experience in APAC
  • Channel integration and journey optimization
  • Spend priorities for CX in APAC
  • Culture change and achieving stakeholder buy-in