Kantar’s 2021 Vietnam Insight Ebook – The Special Edition

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Out now! Kantar’s 2021 Vietnam Insight Ebook

Kantar’s 2021 Vietnam Insight Ebook – The Special Edition (the 6th edition)

Like other countries hit by the pandemic, Vietnam’s economy has also suffered significantly over the course of the outbreak. Encouragingly, Vietnam is still considered as one of the fastest recovering markets, thanks to well coping with the COVID-19 situation since the very beginning.

The health crisis has continuously led to behavioral changes of consumers. Some are quick adoption, yet some we believe are long-lasting habits even as restrictions are eased. As such, this is no longer the era that we live before 2020, we now enter a “new normal” which is shaped by changes that happen in times of pandemic.

Within The 2021 Special Edition Vietnam Insight Ebook, we would like to share with you key highlights (and lowlights) in 2020 and then how things unfold in 2021 and beyond.

We invite you to have a read through the E-book to get some food for thought and to discover untapped potential for growth in the coming time.

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