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  • FMCG Monitor Q2 2023: Vietnam’s FMCG Market Faces Challenges The Vietnam FMCG Monitor Q2 2023 report shows that the country’s FMCG market is facing challenges, despite a slight improvement in the economy. The economy is showing signs of improvement, but consumers remain cautious and financially stressed. The GDP growth in […]

  • FMCG Monitor Q1 2023: Tet Shopping Boosts FMCG Growth in Vietnam Vietnam’s consumer market experienced a significant boost in value during Q1 2023, driven by a surge in festive shopping and preparation for Tet 2023, the biggest holiday of the year. Key findings: FMCG value uplift seen in both urban […]

  • Kantar Worldpanel Vietnam Releases 2023 Brand Footprint Report, Revealing Top FMCG Brands in Vietnam Kantar Worldpanel Vietnam has released its highly anticipated Brand Footprint 2023 report, which reveals the rankings of Vietnam’s most chosen FMCG (Fast-Moving Consumer Goods) brands. The report, which is part of Kantar’s 11th edition of the […]

  • Kantar Worldpanel Brand Footprint 2023: The Path to Success in the Global FMCG Market The Kantar Worldpanel Brand Footprint 2023 report is a comprehensive analysis of the most chosen FMCG brands in the world. The report provides insights into the factors driving brand success, as well as the latest trends […]

  • Brand Footprint Asia 2023: The Path to Success in the APAC Region The Brand Footprint Asia 2023 report is a comprehensive analysis of the most chosen FMCG brands in the 11 markets of the APAC region. The report provides insights into the factors driving brand success in the region, as […]

  • Kantar Worldpanel Brand Footprint is the world’s largest study of consumer choice, tracking the purchasing behavior of over 200 million households in 53 countries. The report provides insights into the most chosen FMCG (Fast-Moving Consumer Goods) brands in the world, and identifies the key growth drivers for brands in different […]

  • Asia Brand Footprint 2022: The Most Chosen Consumer Brands Across Asia Kantar Worldpanel has released its annual Asia Brand Footprint report, which reveals the rankings of the most chosen FMCG (Fast-Moving Consumer Goods) brands in Asia. The report, which is based on a survey of over 700,000 households in 13 […]

  • COVID-19 was not a strange word among people around the world, including Vietnamese. The pandemic returned with heavy effects on every aspect of life. Spending on FMCG recorded another peak with the significant shift to essential products as well as convenient channels due to the outbreak of wave 4. As the circumstances, the […]

  • The economy continued to recover across Asia during the first part of 2021, with growth witnessed in many markets. FMCG spend in the APAC region was up 5.0% in the first quarter, which is higher than the increase of 3.4% we saw in Q1 of last year. The food sector […]

  • Out now! Kantar’s 2021 Vietnam Insight Ebook Kantar’s 2021 Vietnam Insight Ebook – The Special Edition (the 6th edition) Like other countries hit by the pandemic, Vietnam’s economy has also suffered significantly over the course of the outbreak. Encouragingly, Vietnam is still considered as one of the fastest recovering markets, thanks […]

  • 2020 was a year like no other. And Vietnam was also a country like no other during this challenging year. The impact of COVID-19 has been felt across the globe with different levels of lockdowns. However, thanks to well coping with the pandemic, Vietnam is able to resume economic and […]

  • We have officially changed the name of this series to ASIA Pulse. Previously known as Consumer Insights Asia, the special quarterly report from the Worldpanel division of Kantar. Within the report, we provide a quarterly update of FMCG market across Asia, including a variety of categories across China Mainland, Indonesia, Korea, […]

  • Exclusive insights provided by a research group of APAC CX professionals Customer experience in Asia Pacific (APAC) The impact of the global coronavirus pandemic has had far reaching consequences for brand loyalty and has placed customer retention on the line for businesses all over the world. The crisis has brought the importance of providing […]

  • Contrary to other countries, men dominated the mobile gaming space in India, Indonesia and Malaysia, both in terms of audience size and time spent playing. RESTON, VA., December 5, 2019 – Audiences around the world are shifting their behaviors to be more mobile-oriented than ever before. Against this rapidly evolving […]

  • SYNC Southeast Asia is a thought-leadership series about keeping in tune with the consumers of tomorrow. Facebook, in partnership with Bain & Company, takes business leaders deeper into the emerging trends and rising opportunities shaping the vibrant region. Learn more about the spending behaviour and preferences of Southeast Asia’s online […]