Facebook Bain & Company – Riding the digital wave 2020 – Southeast Asia’s digital consumer in the Discovery Generation

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SYNC Southeast Asia is a thought-leadership series about keeping in tune with the consumers of tomorrow. Facebook, in partnership with Bain & Company, takes business leaders deeper into the emerging trends and rising opportunities shaping the vibrant region.

Learn more about the spending behaviour and preferences of Southeast Asia’s online shoppers, and the opportunities and challenges brands face in reaching them.

As economies and internet penetration across Southeast Asia grow, a new type of consumer has emerged: Digital consumers who purchase goods or services online at least once a year. Their numbers have grown from just 22% of the population (90 million) in 2015 to 58% (250 million) in 2018, and are further expected to grow to 310 million by 20251. This market has now become the new battleground for companies looking to expand their business in this diverse region. Brands who want to be successful in Southeast Asia must understand not just the market opportunity, but also who these digital consumers are, how they behave and how they can adapt their business model.

To help businesses gain a deeper understanding of the market opportunity and digital consumer in Southeast Asia, Facebook collaborated with Bain & Company to study the spending behaviour of consumers across the region.

The study, conducted in June 2019, involved 12,965 respondents from the six Southeast Asian countries of Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand. The respondents provided answers about where they spend their money online, how much they spend, factors that influence them to purchase, and their consumer journey. Additionally, senior executives from more than 30 companies across a diverse range of industries weighed in on the opportunities they see, the challenges they confront and their approach to digital commerce business in Southeast Asia.