2019 Facebook – How Southeast Asia’s emerging middle class is embracing the digital world

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SYNC Southeast Asia is a thought-leadership series about keeping in tune with the consumers of tomorrow. Facebook, in partnership with Bain & Company, takes business leaders deeper into the emerging trends and rising opportunities shaping the vibrant region.

Some call it “the rising wave” – a large middle class now emerging throughout Southeast Asia. Fuelled by rising incomes, this new middle-class community across Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam will approach 350 million people with a combined disposable income of USD 300 billion by 2022.1 The importance of this audience can no longer be ignored, or the opportunity to understand the people in it better. In the past, some advertisers may have overlooked these important consumers, thinking them slow to adopt digital platforms and tools simply because they were located far from big cities. Today, we know this is a myth, as digital adoption and expansion in the top five Southeast Asian countries shows otherwise.