HSBC International Business Guides 2021 China

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If you’re looking to expand your operations into new markets, our international insights can help connect you to opportunities. Find out how trading in or with these destinations could help boost the future growth of your enterprise.

We all know that today China is not just the second largest economy in the world, but also a heavyweight in global business. After four decades of transformative economic development, opportunities abound for companies that are looking to do business with or in China.

Its increasingly affluent middle class has growing demands for consumer goods, while its manufacturing sector is moving up the value chain. In addition, the Belt and Road Initiative and plans to develop the Greater Bay Area look set to sustain growth in the coming years. HSBC was established in China over 150 years ago and the country is at the heart of HSBC’s strategy today. HSBC China has a branch network of around 160 outlets across more than 50 cities. Our heritage in the country, together with our global network, makes HSBC the perfect partner to help international businesses embrace the many opportunities China has to other. Please get in touch to find out how we can help you and your business navigate China’s vast economy and tap into its potential. We look forward to seeing you here.


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