Cheetah Digital – 2022 Digital Consumer Trends Index

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New global research commissioned by Cheetah Digital reveals what consumers expect from the brands they do business with online, the channels they want to connect on and the data they’re prepared to share in return for more personalized experiences at every stage of the customer lifecycle; from acquisition through to loyalty. It shares insight from over 5,000 consumers across seven countries, as well as by age group, gender and annual household income.

When it comes to driving sales, email beats paid social and display advertising by up to 108%.

Email is still comfortably the prefered channel of consumers for receiving offers, content, incentives, and rewards from brands. 50% of consumers have made a purchase from an email they received in the last 12 months, a 9% uplift on last year.

Only 13% of consumers will miss cookies and think they make for a better online experience

As Google cements plans to comprehensively curtail third-party cookie tracking and with 62% of consumers stating retargeting ads derived from cookie tracking are creepy, not cool, it’s time for brands to shift to a first- and zero-party data strategy to power their advertising and marketing initiatives.

38% of consumers have gone to the trouble of installing ad blocking tech

Consumers are more privacy conscious than ever, and they’re getting proactive about it. The solution is to not find ways to circumvent this trend but commit to forging honest, meaningful relationships, and adopting a fully-fledged privacy-first strategy.

57% of consumers are prepared to pay more to purchase from a trusted brand

Consumers enjoy the benefits that come from being loyal to a brand, however, all too many brands still invest far more resources in customer acquisition strategies, rather than customer retention. 21% of consumers have left a favored brand because they didn’t feel valued as a customer.

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